Gijima, was founded in March 2016. Gijima has fast become a market leader in the commercial design sector offering a number of services from site demolition, plastering, dry walling, ceiling installations, feature paint details, tiling and screed work.

Site Demolition

 Gijima are professionals in the demolishing industry for any structure requiring demolition and removal from site for both interior and exterior

Gijima take pride in the safety and efficiency of our demolition work and procedures and ensure that all occupational health and safety rules and regulations are strictly adhered to. The risk of injury on a demolishing site is always much greater than that of a construction site, therefore Gijima have trained personals,  specifically trained in the demolishing field specilaising but not limited to the commercial sector.

Site Construction

Gigima understand that each site rely on the drywall to reach the desired look and feel of the interior design.

With a firm commitment to providing each client with top quality services that deliver exceptional results, Gijima stands out as the premier drywall installation authority trusted by more and more general contractors and interior design companies who want nothing less than the best value for their investment.


Our ceiling and drywall installations is accorded the top-notch workmanship and unmatched attention to detail our clients have come to love and expect from us over the years.

Feature walls

Our specialist painters take each project in their stride and no paint detail is too big of a task for the team to pull off. All that is required is a digital copy of the vision you are hoping to achieve and our team turn the vision into a realist large scale work of art.

In-house colour mixing

We specialise in matching your colour specifications.


Leave your pantone colour details with the specialists and we will ensure we mix the correct colours to reach your corporate identity down to an exact match.